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Luke Combs – Fathers & Sons – Album Art
Luke Combs – Fathers & Sons (AUDIO)
“Hey, it’s Luke Combs”
“Here’s my new song…”
“That was my song…”
“Fathers and Sons”
“Front Door Famous”
“In Case I Ain’t Around”
“Hunting by Yourself”
“Little Country Boys”
“Whoever You Turn Out To Be”
“Remember Him That Way”
“The Man He Sees In Me”
“All I Ever Do Is Leave”
“Plant A Seed”
“Ride Around Heaven”
“My Old Man Was Right”
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”


Luke Combs – “Front Door Famous” (STORY AUDIO)
“Front Door Famous is about you know that juxtaposition I guess with my life but I’m sure it could be related to a lot of people who travel. You leave and then when you come home your your kids are so excited to see you walk back through the door.
Luke Combs – “In Case I Ain’t Around” (STORY AUDIO)
“In Case I Ain’t Around is a song that’s you know me and my buddies just wanted to write, we all have sons kind of the same age. And we wanted to just say you know hey in case something were to happen here’s a little blueprint for what we think you should do.”
Luke Combs – “Huntin’ By Yourself” (STORY AUDIO)
“Huntin’ By Yourself my buddy Ray (Fulcher) sent me this tune he had started working on with a few friends of his. And he was telling me a story about helping his dad into the deer stand and just kind of that switch from you know, his dad being older and now him being the one that’s helping him up. And so this whole idea came from that it’s just about being present with your with your kids and enjoying the time you have with them.
Luke Combs – “Little Country Boys” (STORY AUDIO)
“Little Country Boys was written by Dallas Davidson, Luke Bryan. And I heard the song years and years and years ago and I wasn’t married didn’t have kids and I remember hearing this demo and going man if I ever have the opportunity, if I ever have sons, you know one day if I’m lucky enough to I’m gonna cut the song and so this is me kind of making good a promise I made to myself.”
Luke Combs – “Whoever You Turn Out To Be” (STORY AUDIO)
“Whatever You Turn Out To Be is, gosh, I mean, one of my favorite songs that I’ve probably heard ever. I was just so floored by it when I when I first heard it. I remember sitting on my couch one morning early before the kids woke up and just almost brought me to tears, man. It’s just a message that I want my kids to hear and I want other people to hear.”
Luke Combs – “Remember Him That Way” (STORY AUDIO)
“You know the strongest guy you know or he would always be in the yard playing football with you in watching your you know your parents or your grandparents ages is really wild and the song really speaks to that.
Luke Combs – “The Man He Sees In Me” (STORY AUDIO)
“The Man He Sees In Me is exactly that. You know I want to try to be the man that I want my son to become you know? I want him to you know I want his dad to be his hero in his eyes and I want to be that.
Luke Combs – “All I Ever Do Is Leave” (STORY AUDIO)
“All I ever do is leave was written by one of my good friends, Jonathan Singleton and the late Andrew Dorf. And I another song that I heard years and years ago that I thought was so amazing, had never been cut before. And I remember thinking to myself, you know, again, just like with Little Country Boys, if I ever have a chance to cut the song I’m going to, in this record, thankfully gave me an opportunity to do that.
Luke Combs – “Plant A Seed” (STORY AUDIO)
“Plant A Seed, oh gosh I love this song. I was first instantly drawn to the melody of this when I got- think I believe that Wyatt McCubbin sent me a kind of a work tape of of this song worked up. And I just fell in love with it. And one morning I got up and I just started kind of rewriting this tune in and ended up with with what you hear on this record.”
Luke Combs – “Ride Around Heaven” (STORY AUDIO)
“Ride Around Heaven just such a cool concept Kasey Beathard I mean, one of my favorite writers of all time, absolute legend wrote this with Wyatt McCubbin. And you know, I remember texting Wyatt about it and saying hey man would you care if I worked on the song I just love it so much I would love to you know, put my put my touch on it and see if I can help it out. Not that it needed it but it’s just that, it’s just the story song about a guy that you know has a dream about running around with with his grandpa after he’s passed on and just a really beautiful song.”
Luke Combs – “My Old Man Was Right” (STORY AUDIO)
My Old Man Was Right is a song that I wrote with Lori McKenna she had kind of sent me this title and say what do you think about this and obviously she’s, you know, one of the best writers of all time so I was able to get up with her and we wrote the song together and it’s just about that old adage of you know, the older you get the more you realize that your that your dad was probably right all those times he told you not to smoke the cigarette or drive the car too fast.”
Luke Combs – “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (STORY AUDIO)
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame was the last song that kind of came to fruition for this record, and it’s about divorce. You know, it’s about a kid, you know, longing to have for his his dad to take him to a baseball game. And I know there’s so many people out there that grew up in households like that and I didn’t want this record to be only filled with you know, happy go lucky. You know, my dad’s my best friend songs because I realized that that’s not everyone’s experience. So this song is for those people.”