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Luke Combs: on writing songs with friends (Audio)

Luke Combs: on writing songs with friends (Audio) – Combs shares about his writing process with people he met early on in Nashville and how those relationships have grown into what they are today.

Photo Credit: JimWright

Luke Combs:
I don’t know if it ever stops in the sense of- especially now, you get in this situation where some of your friends are really great songwriters, too. That’s been the thing for me is I’ve always gotten to write songs with my friends. A lot of it is people I met when I first moved here and none of us had publishing deals, none of us had managers or anything. I mean we were just kids that hung out at the Tin Roof on Demonbreun every Tuesday night, we hung out at Loser’s every Monday, wherever there was a writer’s night every night of the week, that’s what we did every night of the week. We met each other there, we booked our first co-writes with each other there, and I think that relationship makes it so easy to want to constantly be writing songs because now I don’t have the opportunity to hang out with the people that I enjoy hanging out with as much as I used to. And I think when you can have a genuine friendship with somebody, and I’ve got probably 10 co-writers that I feel like I would probably take a bullet for tomorrow, that are just genuinely good friends of mine. So being able to write a song with them, and at the same time hang out with some of your best friends, I don’t think I’ll ever stop and say I have enough cause it’s just fun to write with those people. It feels like we’re doing something that’s really special. I don’t think you can ever have too many songs, it’s like having too much gas in your gas tank. I mean you can I guess, but eventually it just spills out and you just put it in the tank until you need it. So I think writing songs is king of like that for me. I have a bunch, I don’t have to go, “Man, there’s a new album deadline that’s coming up and I don’t have any good songs.” It’s just very comforting to have them sitting there.