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LUKE COMBS: Floating Around In A Hurricane

Luke Combs remembers being in a writing session with Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips when he threw out a song title that he had, called “Hurricane.” Luke says one of the other guys shared a story about one of their friends wanting to avoid running into an ex-girlfriend, and Luke immediately knew that scenario would work with that title. “Hurricane” is Luke’s first Top 20 hit!

audio  Luke Combs remembers the writing process for his hit song “Hurricane.” (:36)
“I had thrown this title ‘Hurricane’ out in the room, and it was just kind of floating around, and so we were just talking about friends, and and Nashville, and stuff like that…I don’t know who it was somebody got to talking about they had a friend that was dating somebody, and they had broken up, and was like they both lived in Nashville. If you’ve ever been here you know you run into everybody do you ever met just going out one night, and I guess their buddy was saying ‘Man I just don’t want to go out I don’t want to see her’ you know kind of thing because they had broken up and I said ‘Man let’s merge this idea with this title ‘Hurricane’ I had thrown out’.”