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Luke Combs – “Where The Wild Things Are” Single Artwork

Luke Combs’ “Where The Wild Things Are” officially impacts Country Radio on October 16th!

Luke Combs – “Where The Wild Things Are” (INTRO AUDIO)
“Hey y’all it’s Luke Combs. Here’s my new song Where The Wild Things Are.”
Luke Combs – “Where The Wild Things Are” (LONG STORY VIDEO)
Luke Combs – “Where The Wild Things Are” (LONG STORY AUDIO)
LUKE COMBS: Who else knew that song? Y’all just talk about that…
DAN ISBELL: Didn’t Eric (Church) have that song for a while? 
JONATHAN SINGLETON: He did have it. 
DAN ISBELL: He almost cut it. And then, man, I was just, I couldn’t believe that song couldn’t land somewhere. 
JONATHAN SINGLETON: Nashville songwriters knew that song. 
RAY FULCHER: Yeah, that was the one that everybody was always like, have you heard? Yeah, of course. I’ve heard…
LUKE COMBS: It was getting passed around.
DAN ISBELL: I’m curious. Why did why did somebody not cut? Because it was like a death song? 
RYA FULCHER: I mean, Luke would tell you, it’s hard to sing too.
JONATHAN SINGLETON: It is a story song. 
CHIP MATTHEWS: They must have been overthinking it. Because it is hard to sing. 
LUKE COMBS: Because Randy’s demo is so good. Like the blueprint’s already there. It’s not like you have to go in and go well, it’s just an acoustic work tape and how do I cut it? There’s a sick demo right there. 
RAY FULCHER: They listen to Randy, do it in there. Like… you know what I mean? 
DAN ISBELL: I played it for Randy at the office. And before, I kind of stopped it in the middle. I was like, hey, by the way, this a lot like the demo.
LUKE COMBS: Isn’t that the point of the demo, though? Isn’t that the idea? 
CHIP MATTHEWS: Just a story song like that. 
LUKE COMBS: When that song was going around, at least when I heard I don’t know how long it had been around before I had heard it. And that was five years ago. Right? And how old is that song?
JONATHAN SINGLETON: It’s gotta be that many years old.
LUKE COMBS: But like, at that time, nobody was cutting stories, songs at all, really. I mean, outside of Eric Church, probably. And I would argue that it’s a really tough song to sing and like, figure out how you would do you live. I mean, we struggle with it even in studio. But I mean, like, that’s one of those ones that we have. I haven’t even run with the band yet. And I’m like…
JONATHAN SINGLETON: Good luck on those harmonies. 
LUKE COMBS: What does that look? Like? What does that look like live? Like I struggle with- it took us a while to figure out The Kind of Love We Make Too. Vocally speaking… because it’s just a challenge. Because it’s fast and it’s like, I was mad.
ROB WILLIFORD: Where were we, wasn’t it like Seattle or Denver? 
LUKE COMBS: Denver. 
ROB WILLIFORD: It was cold in Denver. 
REID ISBELL: You were mad when we wrote it too. 
LUKE COMBS: I remember somebody telling me, I was, I think it was when me and Moffitt were still doing stuff. And he was, I was telling him I was like, well, we can’t do this, because I’m not going to be able to sing this thing live like this. And he was like, dude, he’s like, we can’t dumb down the record. But like, you’ll figure it out. Yeah. like, we got to make it as good as we can. And you’ll- you’re gonna figure it out. I promise. So I always remembered that, you know?
JONATHAN SINGLETON: You have to let the crowd sing. 
LUKE COMBS: Yeah, but I don’t know. I don’t know why, how that song never get cut, because it’s an awesome, awesome song.
REID ISBELL: It’s one of the songs too that like, because we all hear as songwriters. Like you have people all the time sending you songs. Or being like, hey, man, have you heard this, or heard this one? And I remember I was at my house alone. And I don’t know if Dan texted it to me or he showed up and was like dude you gotta hear this song. And like, I remember where I was when I heard that song. Like, that’s how good and different you can say that tune is. And how it stands out among, you know, the rest of them that you hear over the years. But that one just stuck with you. 
LUKE COMBS: There’s a few songs like that floating around town.
JONATHAN SINGLETON: Well a couple of them are on this. That you know what I mean? I always thought that was neat too. Because there’s a you know, in Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old you know, when you’re trying to figure those two things out but there’s a Randy Montana song on there. There’s all our, all your buddies songs on there. There’s Jeff Hyde songs on there that feel like the soundtrack to that. You know, the things you were listening to when you were like, oh, man, I’m gonna get better at this. I’m gonna get you know what I mean? I’m gonna figure out how to get Beathard tunes on there. Yeah, I thought that was really neat in going back and listening to it as a whole once I could listen to it again.
LUKE COMBS: Once I could listen to it again.

Luke Combs – “Where The Wild Things Are” (SHORT STORY AUDIO)
“Where The Wild Things Are is a song that my friend Randy Montana had wrote with another writer in town. Had just heard it throughout the years. Something that kind of ended up on my phone, getting passed around town. I had loved it for a long time and just felt like it deserved to be recorded.”