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Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) Album (VIDEO)
Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) Album (AUDIO)
So Famous Friends now has a deluxe edition. I couldn’t be more proud of this album. It’s one of those things that’s really grown completely organically. I know that word gets used a whole lot. But I’ve been lucky enough to have so many of my artist friends, so many friends in the songwriting community become a part of this record. And just continue to grow it from you know, the success of Raised On Country and Drowning to Famous Friends to now At The End of A Bar and all the stuff that we’re getting ready to add with the guys from Old Dominion, Jimmie Allen and just some more new stuff. Including a couple of reimaginings I’m Comin’ Over and Think Of You which has Cassidy Pope on it. It really does encapsulate the meaning of the words Famous Friends.”
Raised On Country (VIDEO)
Raised On Country (AUDIO)
Raised On Country is one of those songs for me that I still love playing night after night. It’s so cool to have a hit with that song. And you know, just being able to sort of give a nod to all the artists in the music that I grew up listening to that helped make me who I am as an artist. So I’m so glad that you guys love it.”
Famous Friends (VIDEO)
Famous Friends (AUDIO)
I wrote Famous Friends on the road and it’s literally the first time I’ve ever written something on a bus that’s made its way to an album. That’s been just a huge number one and you know huge shout out to my buddies Corey Crowder and Cary Barlow who wrote that with. Corey and I also co-produced this track together and obviously not the same without KB, Kane Brown. Dude, thank you so much for being on this song. And thank you to everybody out there that’s fallen in love with this one. Absolutely means the world to me.”
Town Ain’t Big Enough (VIDEO)
Town Ain’t Big Enough (AUDIO)
Town Ain’t Big Enough is one of those songs that not only did I have so much fun writing, we actually ended up making like a little pseudo video for it with Lauren [Alaina] when she came in to sing on the song. And it’s just one of those it’s kind of taken on a life of its own. Not even a single but one of those things that people have really just found. Streamed, downloaded, listened to. And yeah, it’s a pretty awesome addition to the record.”
Drowning (VIDEO)
Drowning (AUDIO)
“So I’ve said this a lot, but Drowning is one of those songs that, to me, is one of the most emotional things that I’ve ever put out there. It’s about a friend of mine that passed away too soon. And I think all three of us that wrote the song and we’re in the room that day, all had a different person we were thinking about. And yeah, it’s the only song that I’ve ever like broken down and cried on stage while singing, which I didn’t think I would ever say as an artist. So this one’s really, really special.”
Rescue Me (VIDEO)
Rescue Me (AUDIO)
“Rescue Me is such a cool song because most people know this: if you don’t follow me and you haven’t listened to me that much you’re hearing this for the first time we’re seeing this clip somewhere. I’m a bit of a nerd. So when it comes to like anything, comic book reference or anything like that, I was so excited with the idea of this song when it got brought up, Because I’m like, yes, that is so cool. And it’s such a cool way to turn it on its head. Got to work with my buddy Mark Holman with this one and just absolutely one of my favorite songs on the record for sure.”
Break Like You Do (VIDEO)
Break Like You Do (AUDIO)
Break Like You Do is one of those songs I was so proud to have on the album. Because I think everybody can relate to this. Everybody most likely has had at least one breakup and everybody breaks up differently. So, you know, you might be the one on the other end going, man, I can’t believe they don’t still miss me. Or you might be the one that’s okay. And this just kind of takes an interesting twist on that and it makes it a song.”
At The End Of A Bar feat. Mitchell Tenpenny (VIDEO)
At The End Of A Bar feat. Mitchell Tenpenny (AUDIO)
At The End of A Bar almost did not happen. Me and Mitchell [Tenpenny] and Chris DeStefano were supposed to write for a very long time. And we had like scheduled this like a couple of months out. It iced over in Nashville. Me and Mitchell barely got to Chris’s house. And I’m so glad that we did because we were talking about how we met. I was like, yeah, I think we met sitting at the end of a bar. And I’m just talking, and Mitchell goes, that’s a title. I was like, oh, crap, yeah it is. And we ended up writing this song together. My voice was really scratchy that day. And I’m like, hey, man, maybe you sing this demo. And then he got done singing it and I’m sitting there the whole time listening to him just crush this going. I want to sing it now. So we ended up putting it together. I asked Mitchell, like you cool with this being a collab and he was like, absolutely. So really awesome to see it now becoming a hit.”
Love Looks Good On You (VIDEO)
Love Looks Good On You (AUDIO)
“I wrote Love Looks Good On You on a writer’s retreat. We were out of Nashville in Florida for I think 48 hours. We wrote seven songs. And this was the one that like stood out from that trip. I was like, I gotta cut this. And it was one of those that just really came together in such a cool way. And I’m so glad because we needed that for this record. We needed that kind of sexy vibe song.”
One Of Them Nights (VIDEO)
One Of Them Nights (AUDIO)
One of Them Nights is just what else can I say? It’s a straight up party song. We play this in the show live. It’s so much fun to play. And it was a needed part for this album. It’s one of those…you’ve got to have, you know your love songs, your breakup songs and everything else but you got to have at least one that you can just absolutely turn guitars up to 11 and rip every night.”
When You’re Drinking (VIDEO)
When You’re Drinking (AUDIO)
When You’re Drinking is a song that I really thought would relate to some people. If you’ve ever been in that relationship where that’s the only time it’s like they call you. It sucks, but it’s one of my favorite things about country music is you’re allowed to write sad songs. You’re allowed to write breakup songs, and this one deserved to spot on this album.”
Cross Every Line (VIDEO)
Cross Every Line (AUDIO)
Cross Every Line is one of the songs that’s an outside cut. I didn’t write this one. But just immediately heard that chorus melody was like, oh my God, I love this, I want to sing this all the time. So every now and then it’s fun to find stuff like that where even though I write a lot, finding something that really speaks to me, it’s a cool moment. And this is just a really awesome song.”
Hold My Beer Watch This (VIDEO)
Hold My Beer Watch This (AUDIO)
Hold My Beer Watch This I don’t know what else I can say about that song except just look at the title. It’s a beer drinking song it’s fun and we came up with some cool content for it on the road. So if you ever get a chance to go watch the show on the road I’m probably playing it.”
Best Seat In The House (VIDEO)
Best Seat In The House (AUDIO)
All right Best Seat In the House really is so cool for a lot of reasons I could go into the boring production side of things about what we did and the tricks we used. But the biggest thing for me is I remember growing up and I was broke. So if I got a ticket to something, it was probably in the very top of the arena or the very back of the room or wherever it was. And just that whole idea of, you know, as long as I’m sitting next to you, I got the best seat in the house really resonated with me. And I thought that would be something cool to share with everybody else.”
Tonight We’re Dancing (VIDEO)
Tonight We’re Dancing (AUDIO)
Tonight We’re Dancing is just that moment that you have. There’s nobody else around. It’s just you. It’s just the other person. You’re looking into each other’s eyes, the radio’s on, some sort of music is playing somewhere. And yeah, it’s just that special moment between two people. And I just thought this was a very cool way before we made the deluxe to kind of wrap the record, but obviously that’s not where it ends now.”
Everybody Needs A Song feat. Old Dominion (VIDEO)
Everybody Needs A Song feat. Old Dominion (AUDIO)
Everybody Needs A Song. I wrote with Brad Tursi and Chris DeStefano. Obviously Brad is from Old Dominion. We wrote this song, and it just came together so quick. But I love the idea of you do play different songs for different things, right? It’s like when you’re you’re on the highway it’s a different song than when you’re madly in love with somebody, than when you’re going through a breakup. That’s what’s so awesome about music, is there’s always something for every single moment. And I love that this encapsulates that and shout out to the boys from Old Dominion for being a part of this one because it just takes it over the top.”
Music Note feat. Jimmie Allen (VIDEO)
Music Note feat. Jimmie Allen (VIDEO)
Music Note is a really special song to me because, you know, I got a chance to talk about that whole dream of being a musician. Of wanting to be on the radio one day, singing stuff on the radio, growing up being at the Opry. And then I got to share with Jimmy Allen who, shout out Jimmie. Now we’ve finally done something together because he gave me never ending hell because we hadn’t done anything together. And I’d asked a bunch of my other friends. So now we have a song out and it’s awesome. So I hope you all love it.”
If I Knew What Was Good For Me (VIDEO)
If I Knew What Was Good For Me (AUDIO)
I wrote If I Knew What Was Good For Me back when I was making the I’m Coming Over record. And it’s wild because that song has been on hold for so many people in Nashville, Jason Aldean had it on hold at one point. And for whatever reason, it just never made it on an album and I was like, okay, I want to cut this song like this song needs to be heard. And it’s definitely like one of my faves on the record. So I hope you guys love it.”
Like A Slow Song (VIDEO)
Like A Slow Song (AUDIO)
Like A Slow Song as an outside cut. I didn’t write this song either. But it’s just so vibey and from the minute I heard it, it was the day we were going into record. I got it that morning from a friend of mine who’s a publisher. And I was just like, can I cut this song today? And they were like, yeah, go ahead. But I’m so glad that she sent it and I absolutely love this song.”
Think Of You (Acoustic) (VIDEO)
Think Of You (Acoustic) (AUDIO)
Think Of You is one of those songs that I really in my heart of hearts was like this is going to be a hit. I’ve got to do this with the right person. I’m so grateful to Cassidy Pope for wanting to join me on this song. She just took it over the top. One of the best singers I’ve ever been around. And yeah, we wanted to reimagine a couple of the hits to add to this deluxe and this is one that I knew needed to be on there. Especially with the famous friends angle being able to bring somebody else in as a guest.
I’m Comin’ Over (Acoustic) (VIDEO)
I’m Comin’ Over (Acoustic) (AUDIO)
I’m Coming Over is I mean, what else can I say about it’s one of the biggest songs I’ve ever had as an artist. It is multi-platinum. Everybody sings every word of it when I’m on stage. If I was gonna recut, a couple things to add to this record, this had to be on there. And I’m so glad that we remixed this this way because it’s probably one of my favorite acoustic stripped versions of anything that I’ve ever done.
Chris Young – Credit: Jeff Johnson
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Nashville, TN — June 3, 2022 — Multi-platinum global entertainer Chris Young today released the expanded version of his “most personal album to date” (Forbes), Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition). In addition to the award-winning, multi-week No. 1 “Famous Friends” with Kane Brown and “At The End of a Bar ,” his top 15 and rising single and “booming duet” ( Tennessean) with Mitchell Tenpenny, the project features six new sides. New collaborations include “Music Note” with Jimmie Allen and “Everybody Needs A Song” with Old Dominion, which “pays homage to how the right song can offer up the perfect soundtrack for every moment” (Billboard). Two new solo songs as well as acoustic versions of fan favorites “I’m Comin’ Over” and “Think of You” with Cassadee Pope round out the twenty sides on the new release, all produced or co-produced by Chris. Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition) is available now at

Fans can catch Chris Young in concert this summer with upcoming shows in Council Bluffs, IA (June 11), Forest City, IA (June 12), Del Mar, CA (June 16), Norco, CA (June 17) Henderson, NV (June 18) and Santa Rosa, CA (June 19).

2. Famous Friends (with Kane Brown)
3. Town Ain’t Big Enough (with Lauren Alaina)
4. Drowning
5. Rescue Me
6. Break Like You Do
7. At the End of a Bar (with Mitchell Tenpenny)
8. Love Looks Good on You
9. One of Them Nights
10. When You’re Drinking
11. Cross Every Line
12. Hold My Beer Watch This
13. Best Seat in the House
14. Tonight We’re Dancing
15. Everybody Needs a Song (with Old Dominion) – NEW
16. If I Knew What Was Good for Me – NEW
17. Music Note (with Jimmie Allen) – NEW
18. Like a Slow Song – NEW
19. Think of You (with Cassadee Pope) (Acoustic Version) – NEW
20. I’m Comin’ Over (Acoustic Version) – NEW

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Multi-platinum RCA Records Nashville global entertainer Chris Young has accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments, including membership in the iconic Grand Ole Opry, nearly 5 Billion on-demand streams, 13 Million singles sold, 12 career No. 1 singles, 22 R.I.A.A. Gold/Platinum/Multi-Platinum  certified projects and numerous ACM, AMA, CMA and Grammy nominations, as well as wins for Performance of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards. These accomplishments and more landed him in the Top 20 of Billboard’s top country artists of the decade. 

“Famous Friends,” – Chris’s platinum-certified, multi-week chart-topping song with Kane Brown – is the title track to his “most personal album to date” (Forbes). The song earned the top spot on Billboard’s year-end Country Airplay Songs chart for 2021. In addition, the “booming duet” (Tennessean) “At The End Of A Bar” with Mitchell Tenpenny is Chris’s newest single from his 8th studio album, Famous Friends . His Famous Friends (Deluxe Edition), which features six new sides including collabs with Old Dominion and Jimmie Allen, is available now.

Named “one of his era’s finest traditionalists” by the Associated Press,Chris is an international ambassador for country music, performing to capacity crowds around the world. With a hit-packed set that highlights his twelve chart-toppers — including back-to-back No. 1s “Losing Sleep,” “Sober Saturday Night,” “Think Of You,” and “I’m Comin’ Over” — the Grammy and ACM nominated vocalist’s most recent headlining tour played to over 400,000 fans in 3 countries. 

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