Christmas Stories and Liners from your Sony Artists to spread some holiday cheer (Audio & Video)

Christmas Stories and Liners from your Sony Artists to spread some holiday cheer (Audio & Video)

Adam Doleac- special Christmas gift from his childhood
A gift that I remember getting as a kid for Christmas would be my first drum set. I remember my Dad had been a drummer for his whole life. My older brother had been a drummer for his whole life and so naturally I really wanted one. I remember getting one- I actually got my first drum set when I was like 2 or 3 years old, which I don’t really remember that one. But, I got one later on when I was I think 11 years old.

Chris Young- remembers a special Christmas gift
I actually got my first guitar as a Christmas gift.  So, that’s one that’s always going to stand out in my mind as a gift that, you know, I picked up and was like so excited to have. And, then realized it was going to take me a really long time to learn to play it.  But, it’s obviously brought me a lot of joy over the years being able to sit down and kick up and instrument and just, uh, sing and play. So, that was pretty special.

Drew Green Christmas Favorite Tradition

Drew Green Christmas Favorite Tradition
Every Christmas we usually get together and we go to church that morning and we come back we get we come home we open up gifts we just spend the day together and we have a good dinner and just spend time together as family.

Elle King – Christmas Traditions(Video)

Elle King – Christmas Traditions(Audio)
“The only Christmas traditions that my family has ever had is eat, then go back and eat more. I miss my grandmother very much, she always had my favorite sugar cookies out and iced perfectly. So that’s something I hope I can pass down through my family.”

Elle King – Merry Christmas (Video)

Elle King – Merry Christmas (Audio)
“Hey this is Elle King wishing you a merry Christmas.”
Jameson Rodgers – Holiday Traditions (Video)

Jameson Rodgers – Holiday Traditions (Audio)
“As far as traditions go, we usually go up to my wife, Sarah’s family’s for Thanksgiving and go to my family’s for Christmas. And we always go to my grandma’s place for Christmas Day lunch. Me and my dad usually do a little deer hunting that afternoon. And so that’s kind of what our tradition has been over the last few years.”

Kameron Marlowe – Merry Christmas (Video)

Kameron Marlowe – Merry Christmas (Audio)
“Hey this is Kameron Marlowe wishing you a merry Christmas.”

Luke Combs- Favorite Christmas memory (Video)
Luke Combs- Favorite Christmas memory (Audio)
Favor childhood Christmas memory, my parents got me my own television when I was probably like 13 maybe…12 and they put it in the basement and they got me like an old couch from Goodwill. And, me and my buddies would go down there and they hooked it up to cable so me and my buddies could watch TV down there and play N64 and do all that stuff. So, that one was pretty neat. I appreciated, you know, the sentiment of my parents giving me my own space and stuff like that was a really awesome thing. And, I think eventually the TV ended up in my bedroom so… couple years that lasted and then I wanted to have it in the bedroom.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Favorite Christmas Tradition

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Favorite Christmas Tradition
Ryan: You know what I think we have always just looked forward to having time off together because we travel so much during the year. And so just having a new kid. We’re excited to discover some.
Maren: There was one thing that we did that I would like to make a tradition because it was so fun was, I was pregnant, but we went and saw “Home Alone” at the symphony, and they play the movie. And then the orchestra plays the score of the film, The John Williams score underneath it. And there was so many kids there with their parents that were seeing “Home Alone” for the first time and just like laughing and it was so heartwarming. And I was like, I was also really emotional and pregnant. So I was like, ‘we have to take Hayes to this and do this every year.’
Ryan: Sounds good to me, I love “Home Alone.” We always try, we make a list of 10 movies every year that we have to watch during December. And it’s a little bit, most of them are the same, but they change a little bit every year. And so that’s always fun to like go through all the Christmas movies.

Matt Stell- Favorite Christmas Memory
My favorite childhood Christmas memory is when my mother got me a puppy one time.  It was a good little dog, Hollyberry.  My mom ended up being-They were probably more attached to each other than I was with it, but I loved that dog.  Man, she loved that dog and I was just think about that Christmas as a great one.

Matt Stell- Least Favorite Christmas Gift
I can’t really think of a gift that I always wanted that Santa didn’t bring me, but I can tell you some things- many things that Santa brought me that I never wanted and to this day it continues.  I hate getting clothes for Christmas.  I want toys.  I want video games.  I just want a card.  I don’t care.  I don’t like getting clothes for Christmas.

Mitchell Tenpenny – Favorite Christmas Movie (Video)

Mitchell Tenpenny – Favorite Christmas Movie (Audio)
Favorite Christmas movie and why. Jack Frost for some reason, I don’t know it’s, I kind of relate to it you know the dad’s gotta miss a lot of life because he’s a touring musician. And then unfortunately he does pass away but then he comes back as Jack Frost and he’s awesome and I don’t know, there’s a big snowball fight and he can like snowboard and I don’t know the movie is just amazing. It’s one of my favorites and I love when snowman come alive.

Mitchell Tenpenny – Present I Never Got (Video)

Mitchell Tenpenny – Present I Never Got (Audio)
What was the present I always wanted but never got? A swimming pool. Never had a swimming pool, maybe one day. In fact I’m gonna give my mom a swimming pool I’m gonna just repay it forward.
Mitchell Tenpenny- Christmas Traditions
We don’t have many Christmas traditions.  Honestly, it’s really just getting family together in whatever shape or form we can.  Especially now that we are all older and grown up, it’s harder to get everything one in the same place.  So, anytime we can get the family together that’s pretty much our tradition. For my Mom, I guess, we always open presents the night before Christmas.  That started, I don’t know, about 10 years ago and we just been kind of doing it that way for whatever reason and it’s been great.  I enjoy it because it gives me and my brother enough time with our Mom before we all leave and then we all have breakfast Christmas morning.

Niko Moon- Favorite Christmas memory
My favorite Christmas memory is when my Mom and Dad got my Grandma a little teacup chihuahua for Christmas.  She freaked out.  She was so happy and I’ll never forget that moment with her.

Niko Moon- Favorite Christmas movie
The must watch Christmas movie for me it’s gotta be A Christmas Story… hands down.  I watch it every year.

Old Dominion- Favorite Christmas movie
Matthew: Christmas Vacation is the must-watch movie for me… holiday season or not, that’s one of my favorite movies period.
Geoff: Mine has become Elf, especially now that I have got a little kid to watch it with.  That’s mine.
Brad: I’d say It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, the two that I always end up seeming to have my eyeballs on.

Old Dominion-Favorite Christmas Tradition (Video)
Old Dominion-Favorite Christmas Tradition (Audio)
Brad: Favorite Christmas tradition? I still like to leave a couple cookies out for Santa.
Matthew: Ya how else is he going to get around?
Brad: Exactly, the guys gotta be hungry.

Ryan Hurd- Christmas traditions and plans
My family goes to our lake house in Michigan quite a bit for Christmas. And, I’ve been going to Texas with Maren’s family for Christmas. They have a really big Christmas Eve party.  They do a massive white elephant gift exchange.  Being able to spend time with family and have time away from work that’s big deal and we really enjoy having our family around for that.  

Ryan Hurd- Favorite Christmas Movie
Home Alone is absolutely the must watch Christmas movie.  It’s the first Christmas movie we watch every single year.  We also make a list of 10 Christmas movies we have to watch between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So, if you have any suggestions on those that maybe we’ve overlooked, send them our way.

Ryan Hurd- Special Christmas gift from childhood
I remember Christmas one year when my parents got me a drum kit.  That was really cool.  My mom still talks about it.  I’m not so sure she loved it after I started playing drums, but I loved music growing up and, you know, I didn’t start doing it super serious until after like right when I graduated college.  But, I do love that moment where, you know, the drums- that’s a big deal to get a drum kit when your a kid.  I remember learning as much as I could about it and I got, you know, good enough to be dangerous. I’ll always look back on that and have a little smile. 

Seaforth- Favorite Christmas Movie and Christmas in Australia
Mitch: Stepbrothers is probably my must watch Christmas movie.
Tom: Is that a Christmas movie?
Mitch: It’s not a Christmas movie at all. I just enjoy watching it.
Tom: (Laughs) The Titanic.
Mitch: I mean, I don’t know… maybe I’m just boring, but I’ve never really done that. 
Tom: I’m telling you man Americans are festive, like they really are and I love it!  But for us, Christmas is in Summer so we go to the beach at Christmas.  And so, there’s no snow. We had our first white Christmas like 2 years ago when we stayed here for Christmas…
Mitch: But yeah I totally feel like that’s a big thing because we’re not all huddled around in a house and it’s cold- watching movies together.  We’re probably outside doing things, going to the beach, but I do like The Grinch.  I have watched that.
Tom: Yeah The Grinch was a nice one. Jaws 3…
Mitch: Jaws 3.  Yeah, yeah yeah.

Tenille Townes – Looking Forward To Christmas (Video)

Tenille Townes – Looking Forward To Christmas (Audio)
This holiday season I’m definitely looking forward to getting to see my family and getting to hopefully visit back at home and be in the cold snow. I love a good snowy Christmas, looking forward to that.

Tenille Townes- Christmas Greeting
Hey, it’s Tenille Townes.  Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones out there.  Sending a big hug your way.