HALLOWEEN 2021: Halloween Stories from various Sony Artists (Video & Audio)

HALLOWEEN 2021: Halloween Commentary from various Sony Artists (Video & Audio)

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some Halloween commentary from some of you favorite Sony Music Nashville artists for you to enjoy, download and share.

Elle King Halloween Costume (Video)

Elle King Halloween Costume (Audio)
My favorite Halloween costume that I’ve ever worn… we played VooDoo Fest in New Orleans. And I hired a full team of hair and makeup people to come and turn myself and my band “The Brethren” into like ninety year old people. So we did the entire, hour long hot festival set. I walked out with a walker, it was probably one of my most favorite costumes I’ve ever done. It was so much fun.

Luke Combs Halloween Movie
Favorite scary movie for me is probably a movie called It Follows. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, it’s kind of more of an obscure horror movie. Kind of an interesting theme as well, but it’s just different than your normal “slash ‘em up” thing. More like a psychological kind of deal.

Matt Stell Halloween Costume
One costume that sticks out to me from my childhood was I decided to go as Judge Lance Ito, who presided over the O.J. Simpson trials, as like a whatever-grader I was. I don’t even know why I thought that would be a good idea, but my folks helped me execute it I guess. I wore like a graduation robe and carried a hammer.

Matt Stell Haunted Houses
Yeah, when it comes to haunted houses, that’s a hard pass for me. I don’t like being startled, I don’t like loud noises that I don’t know where they’re coming from, so really a haunted house is not a place for me.

Matt Stell Scary Movie
I’m not into scary movies. I don’t like having my “fight or flight” tripped. I like to not- It’s stressful to me. I don’t like it, so I don’t do it.

Morgan Wade Halloween Costume (Video)

Morgan Wade Halloween Costume (Audio)
Like two years ago I went as a taco with my little siblings, that was pretty great. So every time I go to my parents house my siblings are like “Your taco costume is still in the closet.

Old Dominion Halloween Costume – Trevor Rosen (Video)

Old Dominion Halloween Costume – Trevor Rosen (Audio)
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever had? Trev, you must have had a good one.

Trevor: Oh man I had one as a kid. My mom, she let me do my thing. I wanted to be a mummy and I found a roll of toilet paper and I wrapped myself in toilet paper, it was kind of just barely on there. Started sprinkling, costume disengaged with in like 15 minutes. And I went around on Halloween that year as me.

Brad: You live, you learn.

Old Dominion Halloween Costume – Matthew Ramsey
Matthew: I mostly didn’t dress up. I mean I did when I was really little, and the only real costume I remember was like a hunchback guy. I was jealous of my brother’s Headless Horseman costume. They have costumes for that now that make you look headless, but back then they didn’t, and he just- It was a little annoying because you had to lead him everywhere, he committed to the bit! He had a vest that he just zipped up and it like went up over his head, and he carried around a pumpkin and he couldn’t see a thing. He trick-or-treated the whole time blind, and I was jealous.

Geoff: That is commitment.

Whit: That’s also trust.

Trevor: Also, pretty dangerous.

Old Dominion Halloween on Dressing Up this Halloween (Video)

Old Dominion Halloween on Dressing Up this Halloween (Audio)
Brad: Are you going to dress up for Halloween this year?

Whit: I’m *bleep 43.

Matthew: Next question!

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Family Themed Costume (Video)

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Family Themed Costume (Audio)
: As an adult I have not dressed up every year and I feel like that’s ok. But I think this year we have a kid that’s gonna really enjoy getting to do it.

Maren: Yeah
Ryan: So I think we’ll definitely have some sort of family themed costume.

Maren: I gotta think on that one.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s gonna be cool though. Yeah, it’s fun to have like new eyes on things cause you’re seeing them through a kid for the first, like through their eyes for the first time. So Halloween becomes a like new fun thing for all of us.
Ryan Hurd Costume Fail
One character that I always wanted to be for Halloween was Mr. Slow. I know that sounds so strange. It’s the guy that sits out in your driveway, and he’s a little green guy with a red flag and a red hat, and it just says “slow” across his chest to get cars to slow down. I always thought that’d be a really funny costume. One year I tried to do it, and I put on all these neon spandex and I got a red hat and little red flag, and nobody got it, just like nobody who’s listening to this is going to get it. So yeah, creativity debunked.

Ryan Hurd Haunted Houses
I love Halloween. When it comes to haunted houses, I am a “hard pass” kind of person. And it’s not cause I’m a huge wimp, but maybe it’s cause I’m a huge wimp. Maren loves like scary movies and stuff, and I don’t mind scary movies, I just usually choose something different. My favorite scary movie ever is What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford. Yeah, it’s absolutely terrifying cause it seems so real.

Ryan Hurd Favorite Costumes
My favorite Halloween costume… hockey player as a kid, cause my dad used to make us wear rollerblades so we had to dress up with something that made sense with rollerblades, cause we was really intent on us getting as much candy as possible in our neighborhood, so speed was a factor. I was a hockey player every year growing up, which is cool cause now I’m such a massive hockey fan of the Nashville Predators. But as an adult, my favorite costume has been Left Shark, so the dancing shark from Katy Perry’s iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show. And then also one time at a TR [Thomas Rhett] concert, we covered Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic.” We dressed up as 24 magic carrots, and so I still have the carrot costume from that. It was me and Russell Dickerson and Kelsea Ballerini, and it was an excellent time.

Ryan Hurd Stormtroopers Costume
I dressed up- Me and my band dressed up as Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers in Wichita, Kansas one year. And so we walked out on stage, no one else in the crowd had dressed up, and we were the openers so it was extremely awkward. One girl dressed up as a hot dog in the front row, and she was the only one. I’ll remember her forever.

Tenille Townes Favorite Candy
I’m always more excited for the chocolate-kinda Halloween candy, that’s my favorite!

Tenille Townes Favorite Costume
Hmmm, favorite Halloween costume? I dressed up as the Tooth Fairy once, that was fun!