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VIDEO Cut x Cut: 01 – “Tell Your Mom”

AUDIO Cut x Cut: 01 – “Tell Your Mom”
So “Tell You Mom”, I wrote that after I had gotten out of this relationship with this guy, and I was like waiting for him to call me back, for him to call me because he had broken my heart. I was heartbroken. And I ended up getting a call one day, but it wasn’t from him from his mom. And it’s just as kind of about I just thought about how like, you form relationships with not only like your significant other, but also their family. So I thought about that, and I sat down in my bed, and I wrote, “Tell You Mom”, and I think a lot of people- I didn’t think other people could, but a lot of people can relate to it and ended up messaging me like, hundreds of people were messaging me saying like, ‘Oh my God, my boyfriend’s mom did the same thing or my girlfriend’s mom did the same thing.’ So I think a lot of people can relate to being attached to a family member of their boyfriend or girlfriend.

VIDEO Cut x Cut: 02 – “Push & Pull”

AUDIO Cut x Cut: 02 – “Push & Pull”
“Push and Pull”, I also wrote in my bedroom alone, but I wrote that sophomore year and that was after I had gotten out of relationship with a “Tell Your Mom” guy. And yeah, so “Push and Pull” was I had gotten out of like a wicked rocky relationship and gotten into this sort of relationship. It was more of like a thing. This guy really liked me. And he was doing all these like wicked nice things for me, like flowers and just texting me all the time. And I just was not used to at all I was like, What the heck is this guy doing? So I ended up… I ended up writing push and pull about feeling frustrated, and just so confused on why I didn’t like this guy that was like perfect.

VIDEO Cut x Cut: 03 – “First Goodbye”

AUDIO Cut x Cut: 03 – “First Goodbye”
“First Goodbye”, I wrote that. Me and my boyfriend actually, that I’m dating now we have been dating for like two years. And we broke up for like, probably 10 minutes. And we were just like, how are we going to do going away for college? Like, I’m going to Nashville, he’s going to Montana. Like, how are we going to do that? So I was just thinking about how like, sad it is leaving for college or wherever you leave after high school and I wrote “First Goodbye” about that feeling.

VIDEO Cut x Cut: 04 – “UGLY”

AUDIO Cut x Cut: 04 – “UGLY”
“Ugly”… That one is about I think we all know a guy or girl that is like so attractive on the outside, but then you get to know them and they’re ugly on the inside. So that song was about a guy that was like, so cute. I thought he was so attractive and then I got to know him and he was just such, just not the best person. So I wrote that song about how it’s really, if someone’s not pretty on the inside, then they’re not pretty on the outside, either.

VIDEO Cut x Cut: 05 – “Box of Memories”

AUDIO Cut x Cut: 05 – “Box of Memories”
“Box Of Memories.” I wrote that one I actually have a box of memories under my bed. I’ve got a box memories under my bed that’s the lyric. But yeah, I was just I pulled that out one day and I was like looking through it and I just collect the most random stuff in there like receipts, pictures, Polaroids like literally everything. So I was looking through it and I was just thinking about how like, how that box just takes me back to all those memories and the good and the bad. A lot of the bad in there but also the good. And yeah, that’s how “Box Of Memories” came.

Sony Music Nashville/River House Artists rising talent Georgia Webster released her introductory EP First Goodbye today.

“I’m so excited to be sharing my first EP with you guys!” says Webster. “These songs are all songs I’ve written throughout my high school career, and I couldn’t have brought them to life like this without the help of my team.”

First Goodbye is made up of five songs, each written solely by Webster. The project follows her major label debut track, “Push & Pull,” which Off The Record praised as a “stunning, tender, and thoughtful vocal with a real lilt and melody.” Music Row added, “[Georgia’s] sweet/tart soprano has folk overtones and hidden strength.” See the music video for “Push & Pull” here

First Goodbye track list:
1. “Tell Your Mom”
2. “Push & Pull”
3. “First Goodbye”
4. “UGLY”
5. “Box of Memories”

Georgia Webster
A native of tiny Hampden, MA, Webster grew up listening to a variety of music, from John Mayer and Miley Cyrus to Carrie Underwood, Keane, and the Grateful Dead. She started performing around her hometown while in high school, playing original songs that reflected her pop influence and love for country music. Though she’s young, Webster is an old soul, and her songwriting reflects a depth and mindfulness that was influenced by hours listening to Josh Turner, Tyler Childers and other acclaimed singer/songwriters. Webster then honed her craft by attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music’s songwriter camps, and her natural talent blossomed. Everything changed when, in July 2020, her song “Tell Your Mom” became an instant viral hit on TikTok, amassing more than two million views in just a few days. Georgia’s success on TikTok brought impressive offers from pop and rock record labels out of New York and Los Angeles, but her instincts told her working out of Nashville would allow her to stay true to herself as a singer/songwriter with small-town roots. Georgia teamed up with songwriter/producer Paul DiGiovanni (Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Jordan Davis, Dan + Shay) to create the studio version of “Tell Your Mom,” which retains the acoustic spark of the original TikTok performance. For more information, visit



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